FlashShield simply the safest inside and out

Demand the only black CSST with proven protection from lightning strikes and electrical system faults.

Installing flexible gas piping in homes and businesses is serious business. That’s why it makes sense to choose the CSST that takes safety as seriously as you do. FlashShield is the only black CSST that meets all industry standards for protection against lightning, as well as electrical system fault current arcs greater than 600 V. That means your customers are protected from electrical hazards both inside the home and out. No other CSST can offer this level of protection or proof of safety.

  • The only metallically shielded CSST
  • The only black CSST tested to withstand more than 600 V*
  • Listed to ANSI LC1 and LC1027 standards
  • Multiple layers resist corrosive elements
*UL 2556 Wire and Cable Test Methods, Sec. 6.2 Dieletrical Voltage-Withstand Test Air
Thanks to the protective jacket system and our XR3 fitting, FlashShield is truly the undisputed champion of CSST
Safety in layers for higher levels of performance

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